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Boots on the ground with Brent Starrenburg, Head of Connective Asset Finance

‘Pivot’ has got to be 2020’s word of the year, a nose in front of ‘unprecedented’.

While we’re perhaps growing tired of its use, there’s no other word that better describes how many businesses and individuals have transitioned quickly as the effects of COVID-19 wear on.

This month, Andrew caught up with Brent Starrenburg, Head of Connective Asset Finance, to have a yarn about how brokers and the industries they service are faring through this time.

And you guessed it, many have needed to shift focus in order to stay afloat.

Brent told us he’s seen resilience in the broker network, with people forging forward. As brokers have been forced to remain agile, many have diversified their services into different aspects of asset finance. For some, this has seen a shift from sourcing finance for cars to diggers and dozers.

Certainly, Brent’s outlook is similar to ours. There are opportunities in markets that have flourished. Civil infrastructure, and transport are faring well, as the government greenlights projects that boost the economy. The mining industry has also kicked back off in recent months, particularly in Western Australia and Queensland.

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